The body is an amazingly efficient machine.

And just all machines, its effectiveness requires lubrication.

The body has many cooling mechanisms to help with the increase in body temperature, mainly the ability to sweat. As a result, during exercise, a substantial volume of body water may be lost via sweating to enable evaporative cooling, particularly in warmer environments.

Sweat rates of 1-2L per hour are not uncommon, and may be even higher in well-trained and heat acclimatized athletes.

Dehydration of as little as 2 percent of initial body weight can impair endurance. Studies have shown that dehydration of 3-4 percent of initial body weight can result in:

  • Decrease in muscle strength by 2 percent
  • Decrease in muscle power by 3 percent
  • Decrease high intensity endurance performance by approximately 10 percent (exercise lasting between 30 seconds and 2 minutes).

Not only does dehydration impact performance, but other negative consequences include:

  • An increase in cardiovascular strain
  • Hyperthermia (over-heating)
  • Increased risk for heat illness

The key message here is to stay hydrated when exercising!

In a warm environment such as an indoor studio @ Cycle Collective it is important to keep sipping on water throughout the entire session so you get the most out of your training