I’ve been filling cycle classes and instructing indoor bike sessions for many many years. The programming is my passion and the delivery is my fun.

I get excited, I get immersed, I get powerful and you get results.



One of the most experienced and respected indoor cycling instructors in Melbourne!
10 years indoor training and instructing
5x PEAKS Challenge, Falls Creek 9hour Pace Team
A grade, crits/road racing
Around the Bay in a Day 300km. 1st finisher
Melbourne to Warrnambool finisher
2x virtual Everesting Basecamp (Alpe du Zwift, Mont Ventoux)
100% Legend!



Good tunes and some quality time on the bike.. Is there anything better?
As someone on the constant quest for songs that you can’t resist spinning to, she is well equipped to be one of your weekly instructors.
You’ll be hearing everything from Bruce Springsteen to Skrillex, a likely a bit of Britney. Her sessions are varied including HIIT workouts that fly by with nowhere to hide, to sessions full of long steady endurance blocks – but a tough fun workout is always the aim.




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Everyone's an athlete!
Each time I jump on the bike I strive to deliver sessions ,and drop some good beats, that are programmed to bring out your best self.
Whether you are after performance, improvements in your general fitness or your training is for life balance and enjoyment, creating happy athletes is my goal #1 - Join me!
As an exercise physiologist, my passion is for the sport of triathlons.
National Sprint Distance Champion
2XU Series AG champion
2 x Top 10 finishes at World Champs

Tim B




My passion is bike packing mountain biking and everywhere there is dust and mud!
I bring fun and Latin vibes to the Collective Community.



I am a super keen cyclist for fun and fitness and enjoying getting into the outdoors on my road or mountain bike and cycling different terrain. I have been instructing for over 3 years and enjoy getting sweaty in the studio to fun tunes and helping clients achieve their fitness goals including aerobic/power, strength/hills and speed. Join me to find out how.



Motivational, considered and accountable. These elements , along with some awesome tunes are brought to each session.
Motivation - that amazing feeling when your ride feels easy and your fitness is improving.
Consideration - sessions purposefully designed so you ride with efficiency and effectiveness, every time.
Accountable - roll up, set up and together we will get the job done.
Lets do this team!



I get excited, I get immersed, I get powerful and you get results.``
Damien has been riding road, track and MTB since he was a wee lad. He took a 15 year break to tour the world as a theatre performer before falling into indoor cycling in Berlin where he was a founding instructor at BECYCLE. He then headed up the ride program at Heartcore in London as well as teaching at H2. COVID finally drove him home to Oz where he now writes, produces and performs comedy as