Build Good Habits

Good habits are positive behaviors that you regularly practice. 

Fostering these actions will bring you closer to success, happiness, and the lifestyle you want. 

Just like when you learnt to ride a bike for the first time – it was hard work.

So you practice and practice and soon enough you are off and rolling – what a great feeling!!.

Improving your fitness is one of those things in life that needs to be supported by a good habit. When done safely and  regularly you will look great and feel better.

The 1st key to creating a good exercise habit is to make sure it fits into your weekly life.

At first it may seem a struggle to add something more into your day to day world. But, within weeks, if you keep the same times on the same day, soon enough it will feel like that is what you have always done!

The second key – don’t go too hard too early!!

It’s common when people start a new fitness regime there is a tendency to look for fast results and go from little activity to training everyday.

This is great for the first week and then fatigue will kick in, muscle soreness kicks in and by week 3 it’s back to the drawing board.

Start with 2 x training days per week for a few weeks – build your habit, allow the body to adjust. Then add a 3rd or maybe even a 4th training day.

Remember – rest and recovery are your friends and have place equally as important as the training itself.

Be nice to your body and it will give you love in return.