Does Spinning Reduce Waist Size?

In short, yes, spinning reduces waist size, but it doesn’t address ‘why’ and ‘how’ it can help your waistline. At the Spin Collective, we take a lot of pride in spin classes and want to share with the world why it is a great form of exercise.

Today, we will take a more detailed look into spin cycling classes and their benefit to you and your waistline so that you can look great and feel great.

Spin Class – The Facts

If you’re new to the concept of cycling classes, let’s start from the beginning, and if you’re a more experienced spin class enthusiast, this is a good revision for you.

For over 30 years, spin classes, or stationary cycling classes, have moved from an exercise craze into a legitimate form of strength, endurance and cardiovascular training. 

During its history, the sports science and fitness communities have researched and refined spin cycling by understanding its benefits and impacts on the body.

Spin classes also have other positive effects, including improved mental well-being as a result of the exercise, but also from the social and community-building aspects that group training classes offer.

The fitness community and participants of spin classes agree that cycling in a controlled environment, such as a classroom, reduces impacts on the body while building strength around your legs, knees, hips and heart.

The benefits of spin class are that it can last hours, allowing your body to burn calories long after the class has finished and promoting weight loss.

Combining exercise and other elements like a healthy eating plan positively impacts other areas of your life – like your mental well-being and longevity. 

Spin Class vs Your Waist Line

If you want to lose weight around your waist, spin class is a good way to achieve this. But it’s important to know that taking a class isn’t going to target that area specifically.

Cycling allows you to raise your heart rate to a moderate level, which helps burn excess calories.

To put things into perspective, you should consider spin classes as something other than a magic bullet to weight loss. Performing any type of exercise is only a part of your overall health goals and should be done with a healthy balanced diet and rest.

How to Reduce Your Waist Size With Spin Classes

When you get the balance of exercise and dieting right, you will start to notice changes to your physical fitness and how you look and feel, so when you take spin classes, consider working towards your goals with a calorie deficit in mind.

What is a calorie deficit? A calorie deficit is when you consume fewer calories and burn additional calories through exercise and dieting. If you work towards a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week, plus some time for strength training, and maintain a healthy, balanced diet with fewer calories, your body will be in deficit.

Spin classes offer a balance of strength and cardio, so there’s no reason you can’t take classes regularly, as you’ll get the best of both worlds in one place.

Let’s look at some ways to help you work towards a smaller waist size

A moderately intense workout

Don’t go too hard, too fast. Riding at about 80% of your maximum threshold and using the remaining 20% for an intense workout will trigger your body to burn calories.

Cycle on an empty stomach

If you come to a spin class fasted, or at least haven’t eaten before class, it will mean that your body will burn fat better and faster. The real magic happens if you can fast for anywhere over 8 hours, and that’s where you’ll start to see results.

Fasting can be hard, and it’s not for everyone, but at the very least, try to avoid eating before your class.

A Balanced Diet

Diet is key if you want to lose weight and see the results of your hard work from spin classes.

Avoid eating sugary foods, foods with high saturated fat, and butter. Avoid junk food, consume little alcohol, and replace your diet with leafy greens, beans and lean protein.

Rest and Sleep

Get plenty of rest after workouts and ensure a good sleep routine. Rest and recovery are extremely important to losing weight.

Studies show that if you are stressed out and not getting the right amount of sleep, you are more likely to gain weight, so it’s important to prioritise this as much as exercise and dieting.


Lastly, it’s really important not to try and compare what you’re doing to other people. Weight loss and fitness is a personal journey; each person has a different body makeup to the next, so your goals should be for you.

Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t see the results you had hoped for immediately. The beauty of spin classes is that they are a form of group training with people from all walks of life and circumstances.

Spin classes are about creating a positive community environment as much as they are about fitness. You will feel supported so that you can stay focused and on track.

The Cycle Collective  

At the Cycle Collective spin studio in Richmond, Melbourne, we can help you work towards achieving your weight and fitness goals so that things like maintaining  your waist size become much easier.

Since 2014, we have strived to provide world-class, science-based spin classes and instructor training.

If you’re considering a spin class and want to see how you can improve your fitness, come into our Richmond Studio and see why more people are choosing to spin. You can be sure you’ll get the best of strength and cardio by taking one of our classes.

Our trusted and highly qualified spin class instructors and world-class facilities will help you achieve the results you’re looking for, and it’s a great community of people who are all working towards similar goals.

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