3 Peaks in 3 Weeks

Indoor sessions with Hill Climb ambassador Tim G


Join our resident mountain goat Tim G as he simulates the 3 climbs in this years Peaks Challenge.


Tim has ridden these climbs numerous times, and has the pics to prove it.  He shares his stories as he simulates each climb, using strava profiles, to reflect the cadences required and elevations that each climb has to offer.


Increasing in both intensity and time, the 3 sessions are 60, 75 and 90 minutes respectively and they won’t be taken lightly.


Bring your stamina and determination and come along for the ride.

Program Postponed


Tawonga Gap – 60mins – 7kms @ 6% gradient

Back of Falls – 75 mins – 12.5 km @ 8% gradient

Mt Hotham – 90 mins – 30 kms @ 4.2% gradient


$125 inclusive

Let’s Climb!
Excited CYC riders