CYC - Collective Cycling Club







Not far from here… in a spin room... close… really close by…


Collective Cycle Club prides itself on being many things to many people including a rehabilitation service, a fitness provider and a space to connect with others. It is also an avenue to road riding with confidence and a way of fostering community interest in cycling.
The club encourages inclusiveness regardless of age, fitness and gender, and is renowned for its women-centred training and coaching programs.

Whatever your cycling goal, the CYC provides a safe space to build fitness, develop essential skills and to connect with like minded folk, always with road safety in mind and regardless of the kit brand you’re wearing.
The club offers courses in coaching and indoor instructing, as well as training programs that will prepare you for road races, triathlons, long distance running and our very own ITT race events.

To discuss any of these options or to find out how to join CYC, email and we’ll be in touch.
Until then, ride safe!