Team Profile | Kate Perry

What’s the bike you’re riding right now?

My current weapon of choice is the beautiful S-Works Amira - team Specialised Lululemon limited edition frame.

Would you cheat on your current bike for another bike? If so what bike?

I would never cheat on my current bike; she is too loyal! The closest I would come to straying from her is when I hop on my Cervelo P3 for time trials!

If you were a bike what would you be and why? 

Fixie. Solid and reliable. What you see is what you get.

Earliest bike memory?

Going for bike rides along the river trails with dad on the 'hitchbiker' (attachment that hooked on to the back of his bike). When the going got tough I thought it was great because I would just stop pedalling (bit of extra strength training for you Dad!)

Preferred terrain - hills, mountains, coastal, flats? 

Anything that goes up! I truly am a mountain goat.

What is your current connection with cycling and how has it become part of your lifestyle?

Cycling has become an integral part of everything I do. I race for a women's National Road Season team; which takes up a lot of my spare time with both training and competing, but cycling has definitely become intertwined into most of my lifestyle habits and choices. Some of my closest friendships have come about through cycling.

As well as taking classes here at Cycle Collective I also do quite a bit of work with school programs; coaching the next generation of cyclists - if I can help people improve their cycling and in turn make that experience of being on a bike that bit more enjoyable - then that is something I am proud to be a part of.

In three words describe your coaching style

Energetic, personable and purposeful