Team Profile | Chris Sinclair

What is your dream bike?
2 categories for me, firstly 'old school' - Alex Singer - France, I think there is about a 10 year wait!! New school – Baum, titanium.

Most bikes ever owned?
I have generally averaged about 8-12 but probably had up to 15!

Number of bikes currently in the stable?


Pride and Joy?

Circa 83 Shimano team bike AX Dure Ace

Biggest sacrifice for a bike?
Sold my 75 HJ wagon to purchase a trek mountain bike when I was about 21. I got pretty fit that year!

Greatest bike adventure?
Touring with the love of my life around Tuscany. Heavy bikes full saddle bags just a map and nowhere to be, no rush, perfect.

Hills or distance?


Any significant crashes?
Yep a few lucky escapes, have been taken out by a car, clipped by other riders and plenty of eating dirt in the bush in my mountain biking days.

Greatest childhood bike memory?
I was 10 years old, living a few km's down a dirt road and all I wanted was a BMX. Christmas morning I was presented with a white shiny road bike (Ramond, local builder in Frankston), I don’t think I had ever seen one before, as around my house you had a BMX or a horse! It was massive, I couldn’t even get on it. Anyway you ride what you have, I quickly adapted to dirt tracks, jumps and skids and if we had to get anywhere I was always first!

Favourite tunes to ride to?
I’m a journey man – Eddie Vedder (into the wild)

If I’m not cycling I’m...


Cruise or Compete?
I love cruising, but if my best mate Dan is around - that’s it, something happens and I have to win. He tries to blow it off like he doesn’t care but I know deep down its killing him and I love that!

When did you first coach a cycling class?


Bike dreaming...
Ordering either an Alex Singer or Ira Ryan custom build touring bike for the family and hitting the road in Europe. Custom surfboard racks or some type of trailer, no time restraints.