Team Profile | Brett Adamson

What's the bike you're riding right now?
Currently on a Focus Izalco Pro Road Bike

Would you cheat on your current bike for another bike? If so what bike?
Oh yeah, I want a Specialised Tarmac.....mmmmmm

If you were a bike what would you be and why? 
Think I'd like to be one of the bikes in the Tour de France. Don't have to ride, but I'd have someone else doing all the hard work.

Earliest bike memory?
My 1978 dragster. With the long seat attached to the high back bar and the 3 speed centre gear shift. May have had a flag also :)

Preferred terrain? Hills, mountains, coastal, flats?
I love hills, just a pity you have to ride so far to ride any around Melbourne

What is your current connection with cycling and how has it become part of your lifestyle? 
I'm a recreational cyclist, with a little competitive aggression. However I'm looking to get back into racing each week.

In 3 words describe your coaching style
Enjoyment, enthusiastic and progressive