Team Profile | Bill Muling

What’s the bike you’re riding right now?

Alchemy custom single speed. It was a throw away road frame that i had converted into a track frame and kitted it out with my old racing gear. It’s a rocket!

Would you cheat on your current bike for another bike? If so what bike?

Cannondale CAAD 10 track 1 - i love the green!

If you were a bike what would you be and why? 

Downhill MTB -Built for punishment and tackling intense terrain but terrible at going up hill

Earliest bike memory?

4-5yrs old, my cherry red 16inch roadster. I remember the first time i rode it without training wheels down the beach, looking back to see if dad was still holding me up but was no where to be seen. What a rush!

Preferred terrain - hills, mountains, coastal, flats? 

Mountains - mostly for descending - but you have to go up to get the down hill thrill right?

What is your current connection with cycling and how has it become part of your lifestyle?

My dad got me into riding when i was 12, raising money for kids with cancer by riding around Victoria. It grew from there. I started racing at 19, always had a MTB and when i’m on the road it’s always hard not to push myself to go a little bit harder. I couldn’t imagine not riding somewhere at least once a day.

In three words describe your coaching style

Find the monkey!