Team Profile | Aline Paloure

What’s the bike you're riding right now?
I have my trusted roadie, an Argon 18 Radon, which I've had for the last 5 years and has been with me everywhere. It's seen me sweat, bleed and cry. I also have my racing weapon, an Argon E112 Time Trial.

Would you cheat on your current bike for another bike? If so what bike?
I've been faithful I swear!! Saying that I've found my eyes wander of late, but hey, it's not because you're on a diet that you can't look at the menu! Maybe I'm getting the 5 year itch. I have my eyes on the Trek Speed Concept.

If you were a bike what would you be and why?
I love to escape, explore and discover, so I think I'd be a mountain bike for the weekend. During the week I'd be a fixie strutting my stuff around Melbourne's best coffee haunts.

Earliest bike memory?
Riding to school with mini police sirens attached to my handlebars, thinking they were the coolest thing ever, they got stolen the first day of school. I didn't file a police report.

Preferred terrain - hills, mountains, coastal, flats?
Hills, hills and more've got to eat those hills to get strong on the bike.

What is your current connection with cycling and how has it become part of your lifestyle?
I started cycling when I started racing tris, I haven't looked back since. I'm still racing and will probably only stop when I kick the bucket. I can't imagine not owning a bike of some description.

In 3 words describe your coaching style
Performance-driven, fun and slightly mental!