Team Profile | Adam Pearson

What's the bike you're riding right now?
Look KX running Campagnolo

Would you cheat on your current bike for another bike? If so what bike?
With so many awesome bikes to choose from let my go with my top three (in no particular order)

1. Merckx EMX-525 (roadie)

2. Wilier Twin Blade (this thing is hot! - tri)

3. BMC Alpen Challenge AC01 (commuter/off road)

If you were a bike what would you be and why? 
I'm a roadie. I love the scenery, the aesthetics, the journey and the escape.  Not to forget, I equally love the coffee stops

Earliest bike memory?
Not so earliest but most memorable.  Six months cycling in Western Europe with a great friend.  Slow and steady.  Laden with panniers carrying our gear/ tent through Italy, France, Germany, Austria and the coast of Spain (big hills every day, of course with a reward, one hill/one beer, two hills/two beers - you get the picture!)

Preferred terrain?  Hills, mountains, coastal, flats?
It all depends on the day, and the goal.  But if I had to pick a preference I'd choose flats.

What is your current connection with cycling and how has it become part of your lifestyle? 
It has always been part of my life from commuting to recreational.

Being time poor and having two beautiful little girls, training efficiency has become of high importance.

I've been instructing and coaching for the past 6 years after initially embracing indoor cycling classes in NYC, the passion has continued to do it in Melbourne and raise the standards of classes here (programming with great tunes and fun).

In 3 words describe your coaching style
Intrinsic, motivational and fun