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Lidia Ursini

Why did you choose Cycle Collective?

I wanted to change the way I had been training in the past for triathlons which was basically swim, bike, run. I need to work on strength and power, Cycle Collective offers both with a very personalised service just for my needs.  

How long have you been training at Cycle Collective and how has it impacted on your life?

I have been a client with Cycle Collective since May 2015 doing both strength and cycling training. I have made great friends at Cycle Collective of all different sporting backgrounds and it’s great training and learning from others.  I've also been able to fit classes and 1:1 personal training into my busy schedule of being a mum and corporate professional

Why would you recommend training at Cycle Collective?

I would recommend Cycle Collective to anyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle as Cycle Collective can offer anything from nutrition advice, bike and strength training to massages for body recovery with Matt.  Cycle Collective offers a genuine personalised training program as both Chris and Adam want to see clients kick their personal goals!