CYC - Collective Cycling Club







Collective Cycle Club brings a new type of event to the 2019 winter racing calendar.  We are hosting an indoor racing event ITT series at Cycle Collective using our Cyclops IC300 bikes.

We look forward to contributing something special to the Melbourne race scene. For more information, please contact us at


Podium placements are given according to positions on the leader board software at the completion of each race.
·      Individual bikes are not required.
·      Stationary bikes are CycleOps IC300 using CycleOps power meters.
·      Bikes are adjustable for seat and handlebar positioning.
·      Saddles and pedals are not interchangeable.
·      SPD shoes are required. Lmited sizes are available from CYC for $1 per pair.
·      Helmets are not required.
·      On-board bike computers show power (watts) and cadence output.
·      Riders are encouraged to bring personal bike computers that can be connected to ANT+ power meter sensors. A list of bike/power        meter numbers are available at the Cycle Collective’s front desk.
·      Distance is pre-programmed using custom time trial software, which is run via performance IQ. Timing is accurate and final.

The fastest three riders in each event are awarded podium places. Leader board results are final. Equal standings on the podium are allowed should riders hold matching race times.

A -   Grade 15 km flat (approx. 22 mins ride time at 41km/hour average - 400watts)
B -   Grade 13.5 km flat (approx. 21 mins ride time at  38 km/hour average - 325watts)
C -   Grade 11 km flat (approx. 19 mins ride time at 35 km/hour average - 280watts)
D -   Grade 9.5 km flat (approx. 18 mins ride time at  32 km/hour average - 210 watts)

A -   Grade 12 km flat (approx. 20 mins ride time at 36km/hour average - 280watts)
B -   Grade 10.5 km flat (approx. 19 mins ride time at 33.5 km/hour average - 230 watts)
C -   Grade 9 km flat (approx. 18 mins ride time at 30.5 km/hour average - 180 watts)

Open Grade - 5 km flat (approx. 12 mins ride time at 26 km/hour average - 140watts)
*Distances may vary between races, increasing in length.
**Race distances will be available prior to registration opening dates.
***All entrants will need to hold a racing licence .