Team Profile | Amy Bradley

What's the bike your riding right now?

Specialized Amira Road bike & Crux Cyclocross Bike

Would you cheat on your current bike for another bike? If so what bike!?

No! I love 'Elmo' too much

If you were a bike what would you be and why? (City bike, bmx, road bike, mountain bike, cycle cross, fixie?)

I'd be a cyclocross bike, built for all types of terrain, loves exploring, but can be just an everyday kind of bike too.

Earliest bike memory?

Riding 17kms with my dad to pick up his car from the pub after he'd caught the courtesy bus home the night before. I was on a BMX, which was one gear, and I didn't think i'd make it!

Preferred terrain- Hills, mountains, coastal, flats?

I'll ride anywhere, as long as it's pretty or with good mates. I do love a hill though.

What is your current connection with cycling........ and how has it become part of your lifestyle? eg - athlete, commuter, recreational

I've spent the last 2 winters overseas racing as a professional cyclist, one season in Europe, and one in America.  I now still train full time, and commute to work by bike.

In 3 words describe your coaching style

Encouraging but hard.